GE Bright Stik 3-Pack 10-Watt LED Light Bulbs Just $5.98! (60W Equivalent)

If you’re looking to cut down on your electric bill, LED light bulbs are a fantastic place to start! And you don’t have to sink a huge chunk of change up front to start saving. Lowe’s has a 3-pack of GE Bright Stik 3-Pack 10-Watt LED light bulbs priced at just $5.98. You should also be able to pick these up at your local store for free.

These are equivalent to 60 watt bulb, but the estimated annual energy cost is just $1.20 at 3 hours per day! Not only that, but they can also last over 10 years! That’s some huge savings, not just on your electric bill, but also replacement bulbs!

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