Get Cash Back on Groceries!

Checkout 51 Home


If you’re looking for yet another way to save even more money on groceries, Checkout 51 might be it. You can use Checkout 51 on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. Every Thursday, new offers are posted, and you can browse through the offers and pick the ones that you like.

You can then go shopping and buy products at any store you want. You’ll get credited for your purchases after you upload a photo of your receipt and your purchase is confirmed. Once your account reaches $20, you’ll get a check!

It sounds so much easier than some other grocery cash back sites and apps. You don’t have to go to specific stores and you don’t have to have a smartphone. You don’t even have to present your loyalty card or coupons!

I’m definitely going to give it a shot! Has anyone else tried this yet?

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