How to get family photos done on a budget


Are you wishing that you had the budget to get family photos done?  Let’s be real here, family photos are such a staple in our lives, but boy oh boy can they be expensive!  I’ve found some ways though to save on this expense, check them out here:

Ask a friend.  I’m sure you have a mom friend out there who has a nice camera.  Why not ask that friend to take the photos for you. Find a nice spot in your house or outside location to take the family to and smile pretty!

Use your phone.  Just about everyone I know has a smartphone with a nice camera these days.  Why not use that? I am actually using photos taken of my kids using my smartphone for our holiday photo this year. Most of these phones have timers too so you can take a family photo even if you don’t have anyone else to hold the phone or ask a friend or family member to do it for you.  All you need to do afterward is get them printed out at a store like Walgreens or Walmart (they offer size choices).

Check out Groupon.  They have so many deals available for photography studios.  I took my kids in last year and had a session done with several prints for less than $20.  You will often find deals from the Picture People, JCPenney studios and more. Also be sure to keep a look out for promo codes.  Groupon releases those often which can bring your costs down even more.

Hire a newbie. Check out the Facebook Marketplace or simply your Facebook timeline. I have seen countless people advertising incredibly low photo session prices to get their business up and running and get their name out there.  Many of these people are wonderful photographers, they just need to build experience. Be that experience for them and save while you are at it!

Do you typically get family photos done?  How are you able to get that expense down?