Get Your First Style for Only $10 With a New JustFab VIP Membership!


Wow! For those of you who want to update your wardrobe and not spend a fortune, it is definitely time to join JustFab! JustFab sends you super cute styled outfits right to your front door! You can choose from shoes, dresses, accessories, handbags, outfits, really cute denim, and get celebrity fashion at an affordable price! And if you sign up for a VIP membership today, your first style will be only $10!

justfab2The JustFab VIP membership is a monthly subscription service. Upon joining the VIP membership, you have one hour to choose your first item for only $10.00! After that, you pay $39.95 each month, which can be used to purchase any item on the JustFab website. Here’s how signing up for the VIP membership works:

  • You take a short style quiz by answering a few short questions, which ensures you get personalized styles that fit your fashion preference.
  • You can search through styles personally selected for you based on your unique style profile or you can shop their entire stock.
  • Purchase any item at the VIP price of $39.95 (your first item is only $10!!!)

jfabAfter receiving your first styled outfit, you can choose to continue with the JustFab VIP membership or cancel. If you choose to continue with your VIP membership, you’ll get a personalized boutique to shop styles personally selected just for you on the 1st of each month. You can agree to pay the $39.95 from the 1st to the 5th of each month or you can choose to “skip the month” and avoid getting charged that month. If you forget to shop or “skip the month,” your credit card will get charged the $39.95 by the 6th for member credit. The best part about being a VIP member, besides their amazing discounts, is you can skip as many months as you want, and continue to be a VIP member. And remember, you can cancel your membership at any time. By becoming a VIP member, you also earn points for every dollar you spend. These points can be used for free clothing!

jfab1Knowing I can update my wardrobe monthly if I choose to, without having to shop at the mall with my super-energetic kids is a HUGE plus for me JustFab has come to my fashion rescue, all while being a reasonable price! Win win! ? Check out JustFab and get your first item for just $10.00 when you sign up for their VIP membership programtoday!

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