How To Get The Last Drop Out Of Your Beauty Products & Make Them Last Longer!

The cost of makeup can add up and when you find that perfect shade or mascara, it’s sad when it’s gone. So make your makeup last longer with these few tips to get the last drop out of your beauty products.

  1. Foundation – add a little bit of face lotion to your foundation and shake the bottle up to get use out of any leftover.
  2. Plastic tubes – before you throw them out, cut off the end and scrape out what’s left. I’ve done this with my foundation tube I have and I’ve gotten another couple of days out of it! You can also do this with your toothpaste too.
  3. Fix crushed eye shadow – pour just a little rubbing alcohol into the tray until the crumbles come a paste. Press them back together and let dry.
  4. Dried mascara (gel liner or cream shadow) – If you’re mascara starts to go dry or get a little clumpy, add a few drops of saline solution inside. I love this tip and use it all the time!
  5. Dried out powder – take a piece of packaging tape and laying it against the powder. This will take the hard layer on top off and make your powder look like new.
  6. Low on mascara – drop your tub into a warm glass of water to loosen the product along the sides of the tube. (Side note: mascara expires after 3 months)
  7. Lip gloss – if it’s starting to run low and it’s your favorite color, pop off the rubber ring on the neck to get a few more uses out of it.
  8. Broken lipstick – I know my kids have broken a few of mine and I wish I would have known this trick before I tossed them out. You can fix them by melting it back together with a lighter! Hold the flame close enough to melt the broken edges of the stick without burning them. The press them back together and smooth the seam with your finger before it cools and dries.
  9. Nail polish – we have kids that love to use the nail polish and sometimes they get stuck closed. If this is the case – dip the handle in a cup of warm water to loosen it. (dropping the whole bottle in could cause the color to change)
  10. Fragrance testers – we all get some in the mail but did you know you could pour a few drops of unscented lotion on them to make your own fragrance lotion.

Hopefully these tips will help save your money when it comes to your beauty products and help you get the last drop out of your favorites!

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