Good Time to Stock Up on Wipes

This past weekend’s inserts had a coupon for $3 off any two Huggies Cleanteam products. In case you didn’t know Walmart carries the soft pack of Huggies Cleanteam wipes for $1.64 -$1.79. You could be spending 14 cents per 40 of these wipes. On top of that if you have a Publix near you (or can trade for them), Publix put out a “Toddler Days” coupon sheet at the beginning of the summer that has a BOGO manufacturer coupon in it. If you combine both coupons you could spend just 14 cents for two packs! If you don’t get multiples newspaper inserts, you can always trade for them. I also noticed that some coupon clipping sites have the coupon for 15 cents handling fee. That’s pretty cheap for a coupon that’s usually considered “hot.”

These are my thoughts on these wipes:
I wouldn’t use these wipes on a small baby. They are smaller than regular wipes and compared to Huggies baby wipes they are not as thicker either. So they grab less. I would use them with an older baby (8 months or more) that has already started solid foods and is past the blowout phase. Lately what I have been doing is using two wipes at a time to make it into one bigger wipe. If you need baby wipes, and you are not loyal to Huggies baby wipes, you could stock up with the Target Pampers wipe/diaper coupon that expires at the end of this month. Act quickly then!