Hair Tie Bangles Only $9.99!! Hide Your Hair Tie!

Oh what will they think of next…? I’ve gotta admit, though—this next little invention is pretty ingenious! And, if you constantly have a hair tie on your wrist, you’ll understand!


It’s a hair tie bangle! Such a simple concept, and I’m surprised that I haven’t run across one of these sooner! If you’re constantly wearing a hair tie on your wrist, you can pick up a more stylish way to do it for $9.99 from GroopDealz! These are plated stainless steel and adjustable, and you can choose from gold, rose gold, or silver plated. I’d probably opt for the silver plated, since it won’t be as noticeable if the plating wears off and the stainless steel shows through.

Shipping adds $3.99 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item.