High Value Hill’s Pet Food Printable Coupons

If you have a pet that eats Hill’s Pet Foods, I wanted to make sure you know of the valuable savings available.  Check the Hill’s website where you can sign up for high value printable coupons for the different Hill’s Pet food products.

This is what reader Allie said in her email:

My cat suffers from irritable bowel syndrome so her vet put her on the Hills Prescription Diet, which is extremely expensive! I went on the manufacturers website and found these awesome high-value coupons. My cat eats the I/D food and it costs about $1.60 a can at PetSmart. On the site, they have $7 off 5 cans! You can print two coupons from each printer, which ends up giving you tons of free cans! I don’t know how many people have pets on this food, but I think those who do should definitely know about these coupons!

Thanks Allie!