*HOT* Deals on Men’s Clothes at Kohl’s! Don’t Miss This Sale!!

Yesterday, we told you about the awesome deals on polo shirts for Dad at Kohl’s with all of the stacking codes available right now. Polo shirt aren’t the only great deals, though! Last night, I picked up four men’s t-shirts and a pair of jeans for my brother for only $35.67!

I used the codes BBQ30 for 30% off, DADSDAY10 for $10/$40, and JUNESHIP for free shipping with my Kohl’s card.

screenshot-www.kohls.com 2016-06-10 08-33-39

So, if you know a guy who seriously needs some new threads, you definitely won’t want to miss this sale! It’s actually a fantastic time to stock up on t-shirts. There are lots of different t-shirts available, including plain tees in solid colors as well as graphic tees. There are also quite a few patriotic tees starting at just $4.99! Perfect for Independence Day!

Speaking of Independence Day, you can also get a digital copy of that movie for FREE right now!