How to Decorate on a Budget



Do you like to redecorate with the seasons? Or are you thinking that you want to change things up for the new year?  Is your tight budget keeping you from making any changes?

Not to worry! As it turns out, you can easily redecorate on a tight budget. All you need to do is follow these tips and you can brighten your home without emptying your wallet.

Don’t Discount Clearance

Seriously, I preach this often but CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE CLEARANCE!  Check out the discount section of your home improvement store and check out the paint mistints and clearance fixtures to find awesome deals.   You will often find high quality paint marked down up to 75%. And occasionally will find fixtures for pennies on the dollar.

Home improvement stores also sell furniture and appliances at incredibly discounted rates in the scratch and dent section.  My father in law recently bought a $1200 refrigerator for $350 because it had a small dent in the back of it. The back where it will be pushed against the wall and no one will see it! I’d say that was well worth it.

Shop Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find linens, bedsets and curtains for cheap. You can almost always find a PAIR of sheer curtains for around $5 (compared to $15+ in store).  Additionally, you can find really great deals on prints and paintings.  Plus, you can usually find cute wall decals for just a few dollars.

Be sure to also look around and check out the super cute furniture that Amazon sells. Most of it ships free!!

Thrift Stores and Yard Sales

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen beautiful artwork at yard sales. Maybe the owner grew tired of it or maybe it simply didn’t fit with their decor or colors, whatever the reason has nothing to do with you and you can capitalize on that! Negotiate your best price to score a cheap decorating piece to brighten your home.  

Same goes for thrift stores!  Especially stores like Goodwill where you can buy overstock from major retailers (my Goodwill has new Target merchandise come through weekly). Thrift stores are also prime shopping ground for antiques, if that is your preferred decorating style.