How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes

how to save money on halloween costumes

Next to Christmas, Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday to spend with my kids.  They get so excited to dress up and go trick or treating that it just brings me so much joy.  Do you know what doesn’t bring me joy?  The idea that the average person spends upwards of $50 each year on Halloween.  That is per person, not per household.  We have 5 people in our family.  Do you think I am willing to spend $250 on Halloween?  Nope, no way.  

One of the easiest ways to cut your Halloween expenses is to spend less on your costume.  How to do that, you ask?  Well here are a couple of tips for you to save big on your costume for Halloween this year.

Search The Toy Box –

Before you head out shopping for costumes for your kids, be sure to look through their toy boxes.  Many kids have costume worthy accessories buried in their toys.  My son has capes and masks from his favorite superheroes as well as toy swords and light sabers that could easily be costume pieces.

Costume Exchange –

Get together with friends and exchange costumes.  No one wants to wear the same costume over and over again, you may as well exchange your costume with friends who have extras laying around too.

Skip the Costume –

This is a super easy way to save.  Instead of buying a complete costume, just buy several accent pieces that relate to what you want to be and match it up to something you already own.  Example:

  • Buy Cat’s Ears and match it up with a black top and pants for the ever popular black cat costume
  • If your little one wants to be a princess, buy a tiara and match it with the sparkliest dress she has
  • If you want to be a cowboy, buy an inexpensive hat and pair it with your jeans and a flannel shirt.

Go Thrift Shopping

A shopping trip at your local thrift store is a great way to save big on costumes.  Most people only wear their costumes once, you may as well buy one second hand to save yourself some money. (I make it a rule to only buy washable costumes used that way I know that they are clean.)