Jet-Puffed Cocoa Love Bomb Kit Only $11.98!

What a fun idea! Make your own at home! Head over to Walmart and get this Jet-Puffed Cocoa Love Bomb Kit for Just $11.98! Cocoa Bombs are all the rage! The Jet-Puffed® Hot Cocoa Bomb Kit makes for a fun and delicious treat! Make 12 Cocoa Bombs with the reusable silicone mold. Drop the bomb into a cup of hot milk and watch the chocolatey goodness melt away and expect a fun marshmallow and sprinkle surprise. Kit includes; Jet-Puffed® Mallow Bits, Reusable Silicone mold, White and Milk Melting Wafers, and Valentine’s Sprinkles. Box converts into storage and display box for the cocoa bombs. Silicone mold is dishwasher safe.

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