Last Call for Kraft Coupons


I just wanted to bring to your attention that the end of the month is approaching.  Coupons available on either dissapear when the month ends or they may get reset.  If you have been putting off printing any coupons (particularly the Kraft coupons) because you have not found a good deal, I highly recommend you print the coupons for those items your family uses.  The coupons you print usually expire 30 days from the day you printed them.  So you still have plenty of time to find the best time to use those coupons.

IF we get lucky, the coupons may just get reset and we will be able to print them over again.  For now I look forward to what new coupons the new month brings.  BUT don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money based on the hope that the coupons will be available there next month.

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