How to Make Laundry Detergent at Home

Laundry DetergentI’ve done plenty of posts in the past about how it’s typically much cheaper to make things on your own. One of the things I’ve mentioned in past articles is that you can make your own homemade laundry detergent to save some big bucks while at the store. I actually know a ton of people who make their own laundry detergent at home and they prefer it over the stuff you can buy in a store. This is due to the fact that making laundry detergent at home is extremely easy and you’ll save money that you can spend on other things. Plus, you can easily customize the scent of your laundry detergent, so your clothes will smell exactly how you would like them to smell.

Another thing that’s painful when it comes to buying laundry detergent at the store is that if you have a big family you’ll notice that laundry detergent doesn’t last as long as you would think. When you make laundry detergent at home, you’ll have enough that will last you for a very long time. This recipe will depend on how much laundry detergent you use for every load of clothes, but it should certainly last for anywhere from 250 loads to as many as 500 loads.

Are you ready to make your own laundry detergent from home? If so, get your printer or a paper and pencil ready, because I’m about to give you my recipe.


  • 3x Bars of Zote Soap
  • 1x Box of OxiClean (1.3lb)
  • 1x Box of Pure Baking Soda (4lb)
  • 1x Box of Borax (4lbs)
  • 1x Box od Super Washing Soda (3lb)
  • Tote for Storage

Now, do you remember above when I said that you can easily customize the scent of your laundry detergent and make your clothes smell the way you want them to smell? Well, now is your chance to do just that! I personally like to get some Downy Unstoppables and mix them in with the mixture above. Hwoever, that’s just my opinion, you can use whatever you want. I know other people that like to use Purex Crystals.


At this point, you’ll need to take the bar of soap and you need to get it into a powder form. This can be done with a cheese grater or you could use a food processor. The cheese grater will leave you with some big chunks of soap in your detergent, but it’s not really a big deal.

Now, you need to get out a tote or whatever storage device you plan on using that you can easily seal. That way, you’ll be able to store your detergent and it will stay fresh while in storage. I personally like to use totes, because they keep a nice, tight seal.

Now, you’ll want to mix all of your ingredients up in the tote. Make sure you mix it very well. After that, you’re completely finished and you’ve just made your very own laundry detergent. Depending on the amount of loads you do in a week, you should have enough detergent to last you for a year or even more!