Media Conversion Kit $27.99!

Nothing beats the nostalgia of old video tapes — get help preserving your favorite old flicks and photographs by converting them into digital formats with this all-in-one kit:

• $27.99 ($75 value) for a starter box: 3 video tapes, 3 film reels, or 75 photos
• $87.99 ($250 value) for a family box: 10 video tapes, 10 film reels, or 250 photos
• $119.99 ($375 value) for a collection box: 15 video tapes, 15 film reels, or 375 photos
• $139.99 ($500 value) for a closet box: 20 video tapes, 20 film reels, or 500 photos

How it Works
Your Legacybox will get shipped directly to your home. Inside, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your VCR tapes, prints, film reels, and other media. Each kit includes free round-trip shipping — once you send it off, the pros will convert your old films and photos into archival-quality DVDs and digital copies for your computer. And don’t worry about losing your valuable media — these pros will ship back the originals.