*MORE IN STOCK* TrafficMASTER Dark Brown Hickory Laminate Flooring ONLY 58¢ / sq ft!!

UPDATE: Just a heads up that this flooring is still available at this price! I actually did order this to cover my kitchen and dining room the other day, but my local store didn’t have enough in stock. I had to go to a store a few towns away to pick it up. BUT, I checked again today, and it looks like all of the stores around me have added a bunch of stock! So, if your store was out the other day, check again! I just ordered another 16 cases to do my living room… 

Oh MY! If you’ve been waiting for a great deal on a dark laminate flooring for your home, drop what you’re doing right now and head over to Home Depot! I have a big chunk of the new house that I want to cover in dark laminate flooring, and I think I’m definitely going to be pulling the trigger on this one.

The TrafficMASTER dark hickory laminate flooring is priced at only 58¢ per square foot! A case, which covers 23.91 sq ft is priced at only $13.87!

Most stores should have a bunch of these in stock, but the delivery fee is $3 per case. Even if you have to have it delivered at $3 per case, that’s still a total of only 71¢ per square foot. And you wouldn’t have to worry about driving to the store to pick it up, since it would be delivered right to your door!

If you get this, don’t forget about the underlayment, which is priced at as low as 15¢ per square foot.


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