More Savings Tips for Buying Used Cars

I’m back again with more tips for saving money the next time you go to buy a used car! We touched on some really good topics the other day, but there are some more here that are important to take note of before you hand over your hard-earned money. 

The following tips should definitely be followed when buying a used car so that you know exactly what you are getting into and so that you can save money if you can! I know how stressful, expensive and annoying car shopping can be, so let’s make it as successful as possible, shall we?

More Savings Tips for Buying Used Cars

Find Out if It Has a Salvage Title

Some cars can be brought back to life after it has been totaled out, so it’s not out of the question to buy a vehicle with a salvage title. That being said, having a salvage title significantly reduces the value of a vehicle so it allows you some good negotiation power. 

Test Drive It

In addition to a title report, a test drive of the vehicle is important because it can give you an idea if there are any issues with the vehicle BEFORE you hand over cash. Trust me, no one wants to fork over a couple of thousand dollars for a new to them vehicle only to discover right away that it needs an expensive fix of some kind. 


Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! Seriously, if I could give you any advice when it comes to buying a used vehicle is to not be afraid to negotiate the price. I once negotiated the price of a used motorcycle down from $4000 to $1700 simply because I wasn’t afraid to. What was the worst that could happen? They could say no. Okay, then I would have moved on to the next one. No big deal.