My Husband’s First Coupon Run

Just because I was suddenly unavailable due to a “minor glitch” such as having a baby, didn’t mean I was about to let a good sale go by. My grocery store had the brand of pasta sauce we like most for sale half off. Earlier last week I traded coupons with someone online to get even more savings and get each jar of pasta sauce for $0.79. That’s not free, but pretty darn cheap, specially when we are brand specific as we are in this case. The problem was that I didn’t get the coupons I needed until this past Monday when I was already at the Hospital and the sale ended yesterday. So, I had to convince hubby to make a run to the grocery store to buy them.

I must say that he did pretty well. He got a little confused with the wording of the coupon. There doesn’t seem to be “standard wording” regarding coupon specifics. In the sense that some say one per purchase, or one per item. This creates a lot of confusion for both consumers and retailers (I have a post coming on this as soon as I have the time to do some research on it). But I assured him that he could use all the coupons I had at once to stock up on the item. Now, can you see where he might have deviated a bit? Can you see my mistake in all of this?: I sent him to the grocery store without a list. Yes, he knew he was going to get the pasta sauce, but he didn’t know that was it. Therefore, since he had “saved so much on the pasta sauce”, he bought a couple of impulse items we really didn’t really need but were also on sale.

Oh well! I can’t complain though. We are stocked up on pasta sauce and with the recent household changes, we need the convenience of pasta sauce in a jar. I am also incredibly thankful to my husband for indulging in my almost bargain hunt obsession.