Ninja Coffee Bar 1-Cup Coffeemaker Only $79.99!

Head over to Best Buy and pick up the Ninja Coffee Bar 1-Cup Coffeemaker for only $79.99 today! That’s half off the original price of $159.99! 

  • Single-serve coffee machineQuickly and easily make your favorite beverage.
  • Milk hot/cold frotherHelps create your favorite specialty drink.
  • Removable transparent water tankAllows you to see how much water is left and refill easily.
  • Brew strength controlOffers the choice of regular or bold flavors to suit your taste.
  • Drip stop systemInterrupts coffee brewing whenever you want to pour yourself a cup.
  • Thermal Flavor Extraction technologyBlends precision water delivery with automated controls for calibrated temperature, pre-infusion, coffee saturation, and flavor richness.
  • Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence technologyDelivers the perfect amount of water just at the right time for the size and brew type you select. No need to measure the water or to refill after every single-serve brew.
  • Clean functionIlluminates when your Ninja Coffee Bar senses that there is hard water calcium buildup in your brewer which can affect the flavor of your coffee.
  • Reusable filterPreserves the natural coffee oils and small coffee particles to provide a robust flavor.
  • Audible ready signalInforms that your coffee is ready.

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