Oprah’s Favorite Things

OK, so I have a question here, should most of America really care or go by what Oprah’s favorite things are to do their Holiday shopping? This is a woman whose net worth is over $2.5 billion and had estimated annual earnings last year of $260 million?

So, should the average American consider her shopping list as a guide for their own? I just totaled the price tag for her 20 item list and it’s, at the low end, $7,200 for 20 gifts!! So, yeah tell me how is that for average. I am sure she takes into consideration that the average American won’t be shelling out $42 for a set of 3 soaps (or so I hope) but still. I guess that was one of her “affordable” gifts on the list.

I know most of the hype for this show is that people who are in attendance get the items for free. But at the price tag most items are; the show is just another advertising ploy and I am sure you guys had already figured that one out.