Ozark Trail 30-Ounce Double-Wall, Vacuum-Sealed Tumbler Only $9.74!!


Transitioning into the cold weather means it’s time to put away the ice water and switch to hot drinks. Whether you prefer coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in the winter,┬áthis Ozark Trail 30 oz double-wall vacuum-sealed tumbler might be just the thing! It’s available in several different colors, and it’s only $9.74.

That’s a far cry from the $35 price tag on the Yeti 30 oz Rambler tumbler that some people rave about!┬áThese two tumblers have been compared and tested over and over, and the cheaper Wal-Mart version has almost always come out ahead or at least as good as the $30 tumbler! If you need something to keep cold drinks ice cold and hot drinks piping hot, this is an awesome option!

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