FURminator Review and Amazon Sale Alert


As I have mentioned before, my family has two small pugs that drive me crazy on a regular basis.  They are adorable pets and awesome with our two kids but they have a problem.  They shed like MAD!  Fawn pugs have an undercoat that must come off for the summer and it does so in the Spring.  This results in more work for me every year 🙁

I have been desperately looking for a solution to this.  First I looked for a solution to quickly pick the hair up the floor.  Most people suggested getting a Swiffer mop to mop the floor but what I really wanted was something for sweeping the floor.  Every one agreed that the only thing that would do the job wel is a broom! That was not the answer I was looking for.

Then it occurred to me, maybe I was approaching this problem in the wrong way.  What I needed to manage is the source of the problem not control the results of this problem.  So I started looking for ways to manage the hair shedding.  My idea of shaving the dogs hair was quickly shot down by my husband as their hair is already short and they couldn’t deal with shorter hair.  Then I asked on Twitter how other people were dealing with these, what tools they were using and the response I got back was unanimous: FURminator.

We have had  a FURminator for the past month and it is doing the job!  Yes! my hair sweeping job has been significantly reduced since the dogs are shedding less.  Basically a FURminator is a stainless steel brush.  When you brush your dog’s hair with it helps the undercoat come off at once instead of slowly but steadily over your floors.  It works better than just a plain grooming brush because the teeth are closer together and help pull of this undercoat.

While the FURminator itself is not what you would consider cheap, it is worth the investment.  We believe in value and this grooming tool delivers the promised value.  For us it has resulted in less constant sweeping of the floors.  The dogs’ hair also looks better and I think they feel more comfortable now that they are rid of the undercoat and are ready for warmer weather.  It has been the ultimate shedding solution.  Doing your own dog grooming helps you save money.  We also recently bought a professional nail grinder for $50 but we used to pay $20 every time we took the dogs to get their nails cut.

This tool usually retails at pet stores for around $40, but you can get it on Amazon for as low as $19:

  1. Large FURminator deShedding Tool $21
  2. Medium FURminator deShedding Tool $21
  3. Small FURminator deShedding Tool $18

If you have dogs or cats that shed and are sick of the hair on your carpet, floors, furniture or your clothes, I highly recommend you try the FURminator.  At this price you are getting a really great deal.