Quick PSA: Consider Picking Up a Copy of your Sunday Newspaper

If you don’t get the Sunday Newspaper you might want to consider getting one. There will be five inserts with coupons this week. According to this preliminary list some of them could translate to free items:

  1. Peter Pan Peanut Butter was $1 at Wal*mart this week with the coupon from this Sunday it would mean free PB.
  2. $2.25 off Electrasol. The 12 tab container is on sale at Walgreens for $2.5 this week. The sale ends today before you get the newspaper (unless you get early Sunday editions on Saturday). But I would expect a similar price at Wal*mart or wait for a sale.
  3. $1.00 off Johnson’s Buddies bath products= Free Johnson’s buddies soap bar at Target and Kmart. The product retails for $0.94 and $0.97 at each place. This is for the stores around me.
  4. $1 off Garnier and Vive Pro Hair Products. If you couple these coupons with the coupons found on Walgreens Easy Rebate Catalog ($3 off any two Loreal Vive Pro and $1.5 off any one Garnier hair product) you can get free or very cheap hair products.
  5. Aquafresh Toothpaste coupons could mean free toothpaste if you wait for a sale or at least toothpaste for $1. In the upcoming weeks, Walgreens will have this toothpaste for sale for $2.00 each tube.

Those are just a few I can recall off the top of my head. Of course coupons in the Sunday Newspaper varies by region, thanks to something called product marketing. Please keep that in mind.