Redecorate on a Budget with these Tips

In my neck of the woods, we have been completely shut down for almost two months and I think people are getting bored! I keep seeing FB posts from my friends about redecorating. Either they have begun redecorating their space, or they are desperately wanting to.

If this is you, but you are looking for low-cost options to do so, check out how to redecorate on a budget with these tips:

Redecorate on a Budget

Check out FB Marketplace 

With so many people stuck at home, there are a lot of closet cleanouts happening! There are so many people that are putting their stuff up for sale, and many more offering tons of stuff for free. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find deals on decorative pieces for your house. 


Of course, Amazon is a wonderful place to find super good deals on decorative pieces. From new curtains to art pieces, to knick knacks and more. 

Make sure to check many of the options available at Amazon and don’t forget to click the “other sellers” link, because you might be surprised to learn but you can often find the same item, shipped via prime for even lower prices! I bought something just the other day using the other sellers feature. 

Check your Storage

If you are anything like me, you have lots of old linens and decor hidden in storage. You may be surprised to learn that you still love them! Why not just recycle them and use them again? It’s like you have something new all over again. 

Check for Yard Sales

In some areas, yard sale season has begun! Yard sales are a wonderful place to find decor deals. I have bought several beautiful paintings at a yard sale and my favorite curtains were bought at a yard sale too!