Ridiculously easy ways you can save $50 this week


Could you use a little bit of extra cash right now? I kid I kid…we all need a little extra cash, am I right?

Would you like to hear about some ridiculously easy ways you can save $50 this week? I know $50 doesn’t seem like much money, but what if you could save $50 each and every week?  That $50 weekly would quickly add up to saving $200 each month and $2400 every single year. What could you do with an extra $2400? That $2400 could go to boosting your budget, to building your savings, to paying off debt, to booking a vacation…the possibilities are endless!

OK here it is folks! Here are some ridiculous easily easy ways you can save $50 this week.

  • Breakfast for dinner. I recently discover that making a bowl of oatmeal with a couple of eggs cost less than 50 cents per meal. Why not do this for dinner a couple of nights a week? That’s worth some big savings to me. How about you?
  • Hitch a ride. Do you carpool to work? If you said no why not?  Have you ever looked into the benefits of carpooling? When there are are several of you taking the same vehicle you could easily save $50 a week in fuel costs alone!  Bonus? You get to use the carpool lane!!
  • Wash your own car. Do you drive-through car washes often to keep your card looking it’s best? I will admit that until recently, I did this often (my husband hates when our cars are dirty).  I also recently discovered that many people do this each and every week. In my neck of the woods the cheap car wash is close to $10. Why not just wash your vehicle yourself at home?
  • Brown bag it for lunch.  While I think it is considerably less, let’s say that your cost to pack your own bag lunch is $4.  This is $6 less than the average $10 lunch. This means that you will save $30 per week solely on lunch costs!

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