Rite Aid: New +Up Reward Load2Card For Wellness+ Members

If you’re a Rite Aid shopper here’s some information you may be interested in.  Rite Aid announced on their facebook page  and on the bottom of our receipts that effective September 2, 2012 +Up rewards will be loaded to your wellness card. 

To offer even more value and convenience, we’re excited to announce the chainwide rollout of our Load2Card +UP feature! All of your +UPs will now be automatically loaded to your wellness+ card – no more having to keep track of your paper receipts! If you prefer, you’ll still have the option to receive +UPs on your register receipts rather than having them loaded to your wellness+ card.

This will officially go into effect on Sunday, Sept. 2, at all Rite Aid Pharmacy locations. If you have any questions, check out our Load2Card +UP FAQs: https://bit.ly/P0S9uM

To sign up for our wellness+ program or register your wellness+ card, go to:

The good part is that we will have the option to opt out when you manage your +Up Rewards Online (which I will do) I personally like having the paper rewards.  Additionally, you can load Rite Aid and manufacturer coupons to your card.  So you’ll need to clip less coupons for a trip to Rite Aid.

Finally, if you text ‘REWARD’ to ‘RATEXT’ you will receive weekly text messages notifying you of the number and value of +UP Rewards available on your Wellness+ card.

Please note:  +UP Rewards can be redeemed starting at 6AM on the day after it was earned and expires 14 days after issue. So it looks like there won’t be anymore rolling rewards. 

Thanks Rite Aid 101 and My Frugal Adventures