Road Trip! Car Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained! (Screen Free!)

freebies2deals-roadtrip Summer is winding down, but vacations are year round!  If you have a road trip in the near future you may want to check out these tips & tricks on how to keep your kids entertained…screen free! One Tip- bring a cookie sheet for each kid.  These can easily be stored underneath the seats when they are not in use.  They also can be used for all of the activities listed below.  The lifted edge makes it easier for items to stay on the sheet and not fall onto the floor, causing tears- which we don’t want. ?
  1. Hidden Pictures/Crosswords- You can buy these from Amazon or Walmart.  You can choose according to the age of your kids.
  2. Audio Library Books- Audio books are so fun for the whole family.  Try choosing a classic story that everyone will enjoy.  While you’re at the library grab a few books for each kid so they can also read when you need some quiet time.
  3. Molding Clay- Make sure you get the kind that is clay and NOT playdoh.  Playdoh tends to become sticky and messy in the heat and could cause problems on your seats.  Molding clay is easier to play with and not a mess.  Have each kid make something they see out the window.  Or, use toy cars and build roads and streets.  This is where your cookie sheets come in handy!  Amazon has the Crayola Molding Clay which is great.
  4. Melissa & Doug Water Wow!¬†‚Äď Have you guys seen these? You can buy them on Amazon or Walmart. ¬†These are so fun and so clean! It only involves water. ¬†So even the messiest of kids can play with this in the car. ¬†There are different ones to keep a variety of kids entertained. ¬†Maybe buy a few and have the kids switch so they get more. So fun!
  5. The Alphabet Game- Everyone who is playing, looks out the window and tries to find the letters.  Start at A and go through Z.  You can either play individually as a race or together and say it out loud and try to get to Z all together.
  6. Name that Tune- Make a playlist of Disney songs or popular songs your kids know. Play a short piece of it and the first person to name the song gets a small candy or reward.
  7. Healthy Snacks- When you ride in the car, tummies can become upset pretty easily.  Try to pack healthy snacks instead of sugary ones.  When you aren’t moving around a lot, these healthier choices will keep you feeling good.
  8. Quiz Time! ‚Äď Bring Flash Cards. ¬†This could be math cards, states and capitals or even colors (for little kids) Give each kid a white board or piece of paper. ¬†Hold up a flash card and have them write down the answer and hold it up. ¬†You can make a reward system or just give them a small treat. ¬†This will keep their brains thinking!
  9. Draw the Map- Buy a map of where you are going for each kid.  Have them trace the path as you drive it! Talk about landmarks and other special attractions. Great way to teach about Geography and the world around you.
  10. Surprise Stops- If you buy a map (#9) you could have stars on certain spots that you will be stopping.  When you are at those stops, have a small toy or something for them to do in the car and give it to them.  (Ideas- Melissa & Doug water wow (#4), dollar store items, candy/treat, or even search for a bakery or ice cream parlor at that location.)
  Road trips can be super fun if you take some time and plan ahead. Hopefully these tips and ideas will keep you and your¬†kids happy. ¬†Then maybe you can enjoy your road¬†trip a little more. :)

Any other great ideas that can keep kids entertained besides screens?  Comment and let us know!