How to Save Money On Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Now that the weather is changing, the shorts are being put away and the pants and cozy items are coming out.  You may be looking at your fall clothing and thinking- blah. Right? I definitely need a few new fall pieces to help my wardrobe out. There are some great ways to save money on fall fashion must-haves of 2018.

  1. Compare prices. If you have a specific item you are looking for, then be sure to compare prices from a few different stores. If you need a fleece jacket, then don’t pounce on the first deal you see. Check out a few more stores and see what the price is at. You may be surprised to find a cheaper one somewhere else.
  2. Use Coupons. Be sure to check the websites of all stores that you are shopping- even if you are shopping in-stores. There are usually always coupons or codes that you can use to lower the price. You can even check out their social media sites for promotions.
  3. Buy Secondhand. If you don’t mind that your clothes are gently used, then you can save a TON of money if you shop a secondhand store. You can find popular name brands for half the cost. Shop your local consignment shops or even online. There are also Facebook pages that are local garage sale pages that sell clothing.
  4. Shop Boutiques. If you love new items and variety, then you’ll want to check out boutiques. Jane is one of our favorite and they have really good prices on a ton of items.
  5. Wait to shop. If you notice your items you need are not on sale, then wait. Chances are in the next few weeks they will be on sale. Black Friday is around the corner and you will start seeing some crazy good deals. Be a little patient and you’ll start seeing some great prices on every fall fashion item you will want.