How to Save Money While Planning a Wedding


Are you busy planning a wedding? Wedding season has arrived! As a 42 year old woman I have been to weddings, I have been in weddings and I have seen countless friends and loved ones getting ultra stressed out over planning their weddings! I don’t want you to be one of those people stressing out over money. If you are finding yourself being overwhelmed by money and the upcoming expenses, here are some tips on how to save money while planning a wedding

These tips can help you to have the same fabulous wedding, but save thousands of dollars along the way! 

How to Save Money While Planning a Wedding

Have a Sunday Wedding

If you are willing to have your wedding on a non traditional day such as Sunday, you can save upwards of $5000. It’s hard to have a weekday wedding of course since your guests likely have to work, but if you are able to have your wedding on a weekday, the cost could be even less. The reason for this is the venue costs are often much lower on non busy days. The facilities are often happy to have the business on their non-busy days so the prices drop drastically. 

Do a Flat Invitation with All Relevant Dates

Many people really go overboard with wedding invitations. Sure they are beautiful, however, they don’t need to be. The reality is this. You and perhaps your parents are going to keep these invitations. Otherwise they will be tossed out by most of your guests shortly after the wedding. Why spend hundreds of dollars just to fill up trash cans? This goes for the reception invite, the save the dates, etc. Instead, order a nice flat invite with all of the dates included. They will still look lovely and you will save hundreds of dollars. 

Buy Your Dress Early

The closer to your wedding date, the more your dress will cost. Wedding dresses often need to be altered and fitted. If these need to be rushed, you will be charged much more than if you order it early.