Savemore: Free Nail Polish with New Member Credit

One of today’s SaveMore deals is a nail polish for $7.50 0r 3 for $17.  New Savemore Members get a $10 credit on their account.  You can use this credit to get a free bottle  of nail polish which also ships free.

Some of you always comment about disliking having to share credit card information.  Last time I shared a Savemore deal, one of their reps left a comment sharing that they require credit card info to enforce the limit of ONE deal per person.  They started doing this after they found one person had opened 78 different accounts.  The rep also mentioned that they do not keep your credit card information and only use it to verify your information.  Personally, I don’t get what the big deal is.  If you keep close tabs on your account online, as you should, you should be able to spot any suspicious activity fairly quickly.  And let’s not forget that if you don’t ever feel fully comfortable about a deal, it is OK to walk away from it.