Where to Score High Value Coupons

High Value Coupons

High value coupons are a little like gold nuggets to couponers. They can get you some serious discounts and may even get your some freebies!

Unfortunately, high value coupons are more the exception rather than the norm. They do pop up now and then, but they can be hard to find. If you know where to look, though, you’ll be finding high value coupons left and right!

Here are some of my favorite places to find high value coupons:

1. Newspaper Inserts

The rise of the digital age and printable coupons hasn’t squashed the traditional newspaper insert coupon. You can usually find at least one or two high value coupons in your weekly newspaper insert. You can usually find newspaper coupon insert previews online a few days before the weekend. Taking a peek at these previews each week can give you a nice heads up to any possible high value coupons that may be in the weekend paper.

2. Printable Coupon Websites

My favorite place to find high value coupons, or any coupons for that matter are the printable coupon websites. The three main coupon websites I use are Coupons.com, Smartsource, and Red Plum. Some manufacturers also release high value coupons only in certain zip codes, so don’t forget to change your zip code when printing coupons. You can change your zip code easily in our Coupons.com Savings Center.

3. Social Media

Don’t forget to connect to your favorite brands on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes manufacturers will release high value coupons and even coupons for free products to their followers.

4. Brand Websites

You can also sometimes find high value coupons on company and brand websites. Keep checking from time to time or sign up for newsletters and mailing lists. Usually subscribers are the first to know about high value coupons when they’re released on websites.

5. Directly From Manufacturers 

Don’t forget to get ahold of companies and brands directly with your feedback. Whether you rave about their products or have a complaint, most manufacturers will send you high value coupons when you contact them.

Remember that printable high value coupons, such as those found on coupon websites and social media, usually have print limits. This means that the manufacturer only wants a certain number of consumers to get their hands on them. Once word gets out in the coupon community, it can spread like wildfire and high value coupons can disappear quickly. Make sure you print any high value coupons you want as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

Do you know of any other places to score high value coupons?