How to Shop Smart at Thrift Shops

Are you getting ready to head out for a fun day of thrift shopping?  I say day because if you are anything like me, your thrift shopping requires a full day!  I like to thrift shop for two reasons. One, because I love getting good deals and two, because I love to flip my thrift store finds!  For these reasons, I always plan to spend a decent amount of time shopping at thrift shops to ensure that I get the best deals possible.


How to shop smart at thrift shops

Take Your Phone

I know I told you this when we were talking about yard sales, but it is also true about thrift shops.  Just because something is for sale in a thrift shop, doesn’t mean that it is a good deal. Take your phone along with you so that you can easily research the price and make sure that you are getting a good deal.


Try it on and Try it Out

If you are buying clothes for yourself, get your booty in that dressing room and try things on!  I know that some people are squeamish about trying used things on before they are washed, but I am squeamish about spending money on something that is just going to sit in my closet because it doesn’t fit.  Make sense? Most of the time, thrift shops don’t have very generous return policies so once you buy the item, you are stuck with it. Additionally, if you are buying electronic items, be sure to plug them in and make sure they work first.  Most thrift shops have outlets available for this purpose.

Set your Budget

Oh my goodness, if I had a dollar for everytime I overspent at a yard sale, I would have a whole lot more dollars.  I’ve wised up though and now I set a budget before I go thrift shopping. It’s too easy to overspend on all of those great deals.