Spending Quality One on One Time with Your Kids When You’re Busy!


We are constantly going! Between school and work schedules, sporting events, family functions, errands and on and on there is little time in our schedule to squeeze anything in. But spending quality time with our kids is important. And although it would be nice to take them out on a date that’s not always possible. Don’t worry, you can spend quality time with your kids without having it consume your time or cost you money!

Include them in making dinner. Sometimes we get in our routine of making dinner as soon as we get home from work or while the kids are working on homework. Give them a little break from homework and ask for their help in the kitchen. Not only will you get lots of time together but they’ll be learning vital skill they’ll need in the future.

Read with your children. My children are required to read 20 minutes a day as part of their homework. And although I can get a lot done in those 20 minutes of reading, they love it when I sit down and let them read to me.

Listen/Talk to them while driving. We have had many interesting conversations in the car when I shut off the music and we just talk. And sometimes they leave me laughing at the cute and funny things they say. We spend a lot of time in the car and those are precious minutes we can use to talk to our children about how they’re doing in school, who their friends are and maybe talk about stranger danger and what to do to stay safe.

Watch short clips together. There are so many awesome youtube videos or short clips out there that you could watch with your kids. I love showing my kids the previews to new kids movies coming out. Or they’ll want some funnies home video clips with them. Just hope on a find a channel you love or search for a fun topic.

Include children in errands and household tasks. This is also a great teaching opportunity. Maybe you find you need to repair a small leak, or the car needs the oil changed. Let the kids be there to help. Even at a young age children love to help out when mom and dad ask. And what a great way for them to learn something new.

Give your child a hug. Appropriate physical touch is a great way to show love to your children. A hug can make a difference and allow your child to feel safe, protected and loved all in just 5 seconds of your time.

Exercise together. My middle daughter is always asking when the next Pound class is. She loves going to exercise with me and the fact that she’s seeing we can have fun while moving and taking care of ourselves is awesome. You don’t have to take them physically to the gym to exercise with them though, checkout some videos and do them together at home. Or take up a sport and help them practice when it warms up outside.

Do chores together. Kids hate it when they’re told to go clean their room or vacuum the family room. But when you do it together there’s a huge difference in their attitude. So next time you’re having to empty the dishwasher have a couple more hands come and help get the work down.

Rock out to their favorite song in the car. Probably my most favorite. There’s just something that happens when their favorite song comes on and you hear the excitement in their voice as they start belting out the words. Turn it up and start singing along, they’re going to love it.

Don’t stop including your kids in things you do every day. They love to spend time with you and there’s not much of it until they’re off on their own. These little acts will help them get that quality time with you that they need.