Staples: Get FREE Paper and other Back To School Supplies for 1 Cent 7/12-7/18


I know it’s not even mid-July yet, but Back to School sales kick into high gear starting tomorrow.  My 4 year old will be going to 4K this year so I plan on giving you all of the best back to school sales to save money on back to school supplies together!

Staples is having a really great sale on paper and other back to school items.  You can get copy paper and other supplies for free if you follow my scenario below.  Check out the deals:

1 Cent Sale Items (Both Limit 2 per Customer):

  • 6 pack Pencils $0.01

One Dollar Sale Items (Limit 2 per customer):

  • 2 Pack Acme Kids Scissors $1
  • Pencil Box $1
  • Pink Eraser 3-pack $1
  • 6 Pack Sharpie Highlighters $1
  • Scotch Tape $1
  • Staples Mini Magnetic Stapler $1

On top of these great deals the sales circular will have a coupon for $5 off your $20 purchase.  Do the follow transaction and you will get all of the following items for free or better:

$18.98 when you buy two Staples Photo Paper 4×6
$7.38 when you buy two Staples Copy Paper
$2 when you buy two Bic Fashion pens
$2 when you buy two Bic Wite Out
$2 when you buy two magnetic stapler
= $33.36
-$5 when you use $5 off $20 in-ad coupon
-$2 when you use two Bic Fashion Pen coupons
-$1 when you use two Bic Whiteout coupons
=$25.36 out of pocket and you should get back $25.34 back in Staples Easysaver rebates for the paper.

If you get a hold of two in-ad coupons, you could split your orders and get more of the $1 sale items for free after coupon.

Happy Back to School Savings!

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