Sunny-D Coupon | Free at Kmart With Doubles

There is a new $0.55/1 Sunny D coupon available.  To get this one you will need to sign up to be an ambassador of Sunny-D and share about this product with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.  You will need to give access to their application so they can post on your profile.  You can choose a setting where they require your approval for posting anything.  Just for signing up you get this coupon and you can use it at Kmart to get it free after doubled coupon:

Sunny D 16oz drinks $1
Use $0.55/1 printable coupon (The coupon comes via email)
Free after double coupon

You can also choose to have this coupon mailed to you.  his option is rarely available and although you may fill up your info you may not get the coupon.  i know in the past I have signed up to get coupons mailed to me and I never received them.  but some people do and it is worth a try.