Take An Extra 25% Off At JCPenny With Text Alerts!


Remember when we had those huge coupon binders we woud lug around everywhere filled with coupons, weighing a million pounds? Man, I don’t miss that at all. Slowly but surely the ability to save a ton of money has been transfered to smartphones. From cash back apps, to Cartwheel, to mobile coupons, and text alerts; my smartphone is really, really smart at saving me money and I love it!

A variety of retailers offer text alerts for upcoming deals, and JCPenny has decided to hop on that text alert train and they want you to come along for the ride. Plus, when you sign up for JCPenny text alerts you will receive a promotional offer for 25% off your in-store or online purchase!

Signing up for text alerts will notify of you huge sales going on in-store and online and offer you exclusive coupons. In the end, all of these things will end up helping you save even more money. Can saving money get any easier than a text message? I don’t think so.

If you love to shop deals at JCPenny, then simply enter your phone number here and start receiving your text alerts. The great thing about text alerts is that you can stop them at anytime. So if you find that you really aren’t using them or they aren’t helping you as much as you thought, you can simply reply to any text with STOP and you won’t get them anymore. Go ahead and give it a try. What have you got to loose?

***Standard Text Message Rates will apply