The Walking Dead: Compendium One $35 Shipped

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You can get The Walking Dead: Compendium One for $35.54 shipped from Amazon.  This paperback volume includes The Walking Dead Comics 1-48.  That’s about the first half of the comics available for this series.  I know there are many of you Walking Dead TV show fans out there and I thought you might be interested in reading the comics.

I have read both the comics and watch the TV show and they are both quite good.  I think a lot of people think the Walking Dead is about zombies but to me it really isn’t.  I have always thought that this show and comics are more about human nature and how it reacts when in survival mode (not pretty by the way).  This may be more evident in the comics than in the show.  I think the show totally plays on the gruesome zombies of course.  Anyway, enough going on about this.  Interesting read I think.  It may make you start stockpiling more food ;-P

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