Things I got for Free Last Night

Taking advantage that my husband was home from work, I took a drive to my local Walgreens.
This week I was able to pick up Keri Renewal Milk Lotion free after rebate and $5 off coupon for a Christmas present for my mom. Walgreens also has Energizer battery charger, with two AA batteries included, for $9.99 and there’s a rebate for up to $10 on these on their monthly rebate program. So it comes out to be free after you send in the form. You know you will be needing this after your kids get loaded with presents needing batteries these holidays. I had a $1 off coupon on Energizer batteries so they ended up paying me $1 to take the item off their hands.

Do you want to get paid $2 to take something off their hands? another item free after rebate (or price paid up to $5.99) this month are Jane “Be Pure” mineral cosmetics. If you sign up with Jane Cosmetics online you get a $2 off coupon on their products. I was thinking of trying it when the item was free after rebate. Now I will definitely grab it if I am getting an additional $2 to check it out.

Oh! I also have a couple of $3 off Keri Lotion if you would like to try it for $2. Or if you are willing to hold out you might be able to find it on sale later this month. It normally retails for $14.99, so there might be a good chance it gets cheaper later on before the rebate period ends.