This One Tip Will Help You Save a Lot of Money this Year

Are you trying to figure out how to save money? Things are tough out there right now so trust me, I get it! I have been buckling down a lot on the budget lately and I have embarrassingly discovered that I am spending over $110 each month on random subscriptions. Well, if I’m being honest, my husband is responsible for about 75% of those. So, in order to save money we had a sit down conversation about the fact that we needed to go through the list of subscriptions and cut some of them out. 

As it turns out, many of these subscriptions were random trials that we had signed up for and forgotten to cancel. Most of them are less than $5 or $10 so they were easy to not really notice. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, canceling unused subscriptions is the one tip that will help you save a lot of money this year. 

This One Tip Will Help You Save a Lot of Money this Year

Before you just randomly start canceling subscriptions though, ask yourself a these questions regarding each one:

Do I Actually Use This?

If you do actually use this subscription, it’s probably not the one to cancel. 

Do I Like This?

If you like this particular subscription, you should definitely keep it. If not, time to cancel it. 

Does This Save Me Time, Money or Energy?

If you have found that this subscription helps to save you time, money or energy, keep it! We can all use more of those! 

Do I Waste my Time or Energy Using This Subscription?

If you find that your time could be spent better doing something, then you should probably move on from this one. 

Does this Help Me Make Money?

If you are making money off of this subscription, then keep it! Shocking, I know, but there are subscriptions out there that can help you make money. 

Is it Worth The Money to Me?

Maybe you have liked the subscription, but you don’t necessarily like it enough to justify the money spent. Get rid of this one.

Is There a Cheaper Version Available?

Is there a cheaper version of this subscription available to you? Consider taking advantage of that option to save yourself some money.