The Uncommon (but appreciated) Holiday Gift

We have been doing a lot of driving these past few days. At the beginning of the week, we drove down to Chicago to visit my husband’s side of the family and introduce the little one. Both boys received a few presents from their aunts and uncles.
When we got home my husband started going through the presents to make a thank you note list. As he is opening one bag he says, with a confused frown on his forehead: “Here, Oldest Son got a $xx check and 3 coupons?” I almost died laughing because I immediately knew who that was from. A few weeks ago I told a few family members to please save newspaper insert diaper coupons for me. My husband’s aunt has been graciously clipping those for me and since there were some diaper coupons two weeks ago, she included the ones she clipped for me in the envelope where my son’s present came in.
What would you do if you found coupons as part of a holiday present? Or what about getting something similar? I read in Carol’s Blog the suggestion of giving gas cards to teachers as a present and I found it an excellent idea. I was telling my husband about this last night and that I would love to get a gas card as a present and he said he would add it to his list of ideas for presents for me since I felt so strongly about it, haha!.