Very Cheap Crescent Rolls and Free Toothpaste

I am rethinking my decision to make my own dinner rolls for Thanksgiving. I just found this coupon link for $0.75 off any one Pillsbury Crescent Rolls that coupled with the Target coupon found at AFullCup for $0.75 off Pillsbury refrigerated baked goods (link right here) would make for very very cheap cans of Crescent rolls. You can print two of the coupons on the first link and the Target coupon expires tomorrow. So, if you like the deal act quickly.

Finally, one thing I have learned since I started using coupons again is that there’s really no reason to pay full price for toothpaste. Coupons for toothpaste seem to be pretty abundant and coupled with in-store coupons or sales can net you free toothpaste very often. This week I was able to get a tube of toothpaste for free at my local Walgreens. The store has Aquafresh Advanced for sale this week (offer ends tomorrow) for $1.99. Here’s a $2.00 off internet printable coupon right here that will make your toothpaste free.