Vistaprint: 6 FREE Customized Products Just Pay Shipping (Creative Ideas too)!


Vistaprint is back with their great FREE offers! Choose from business cards, stamps, t-shirts, sticky notes, flip books and tote bags! The products are FREE, just pay for shipping.   As frugal shoppers it’s up to us to use those freebies in unique and creative ways!

Design a flipbook of all of your winter photos to keep your memories close at hand. Tote all of your belongings with a customized tote bag or turn it into a one of a kind gift bag to fill with goodies!  Turn those business cards into Mommy Cards adding contact numbers, In case of emergency information like allergies, doctor’s contact information, etc. 

 I desgined custom gift tags with To: and From: The Levy Family on them and I paid $5.52 shipping for 250 cards which ends up being just 2¢ per gift tag! This saves me money buying an expensive card everytime!

  • Head over to Vistaprint and Login/register your account
  • Select your free item and Personalize
  • Skip all the extras
  • Pay Shipping – just a hint..the shipping charges may actually be cheaper the more free items you add – All six items ended up being $11.91 shipped!

Tell me what creative and interesting ideas you have!  This offer expires on June 30, 2012.