Walgreens Double Dipping Deals 10/24-10/25 with a Scenario

It’s double dipping time at Walgreens and this time again there is a $/$$ coupon to make your purchase even better. What is double dipping you wonder? Double dipping happens when the end of one rebate period overlaps with the beginning of another rebate period at Walgreens. During these two days, the coupons in the EasySaver booklet from the period that is about to end are still active and the coupons from the period that just began are active as well. Because using two Easysaver coupons on the same item is controversial and highly dependent on whether a cashier will let you do it or not, I don’t promote deals that involve this practice. With that in mind, the choices for double dipping are very slim this month:

Airwick Freshmatic on sale $5.99
Use $5/1 from insert 9/7 inserts
Submit for November Rebate #37 Get $3 Back when you buy one Limit
Free and make $2.01 after coupon and rebate

M&Ms on sale 2/$5
Use 1/2 manufacturer coupon from 9/28 inserts
Use 1/2 October Easysaver catalog coupon
Submit for November ESR rebate #46 Get $5 back when you buy 4 bags of holiday M&Ms

Pay $1 for four bags after coupons and rebate

UPDATE: I had to change my scenario because Triaminic and Benefiber are the same deal.

Here’s an easy transaction to take advantage of the $5 off $20 coupon:
$23.97 Buy three boxes of Benefiber Kiwi Strawberry drink mixes
$8.99 buy one Gillete Fusion Razor
$5.99 Buy one Airwick Freshmatic
$4.99 buy one Alka Seltzer Plus Cold
$10 buy 4 Nestle’s Fun Sized Candy
$0.25 small filler item
= $54.19
-$15 Benefiber Easysaver coupon
-$6 three Benefiber manufacturer coupons
-$4 One Fusion manufacturer coupon
-$5 One Airwick Freshmatic coupon
-$4 Nestle Candy manufacturer IP coupons here
-$5 one $5 off $20 Walgreens coupon

=$15.19 out of pocket

You get $3.99 RR from Alka Seltzer, $4 RR from Fusion and $8 RR from Benefiber. You also get $4 back from October rebate on the Nestle candy and $3 back from November rebate on the Airwick Freshmatic. Between rebates and register rewards you get $22.99 back on this transaction, or you “make” $7.80 before sales taxes.

If you submit your rebates online you should not have any problems using the same receipt for two different rebate periods.

Happy Deal Hunting!