Water Resistant Pebble SmartWatch Only $39.99!

Head over to eBay and grab a Pepple smartwatch for only $39.99 right now, and have it shipped for free! This is the smartwatch that started the smartwatch craze! It features notifications, thousands of apps, water resistance and up to 7 days of battery life.  

  • Smart Activity Tracker
    Easily track steps, calories, runs, and long walks.
  • Automatic Sleep Tracking
    Count total Zs and deep sleep. Wake up refreshed with vibrating smart alarms.
  • Get Up & Go
    Get better every step of the way with custom coaching and daily summaries.
  • Interactive Health Insights
    Stay on track with health graphs at a glance on your wrist or in the app.
  • Voice Actions
    Speak your mind with the built-in microphone and voice dictation. 3
  • All Notifications
    Get all your app alerts: 3 texts, calls, events, snaps…whatever you want.
  • Music Control
    Skip tracks and adjust volume while your phone’s on a run, in the car, or paired to speakers.
  • Customize to Infinity
    Unlock over 15,000 fitness, productivity, gaming, and control apps and watchfaces.
  • Supremely Swimmable
    Water resistant to 30m so it gets as wet as you can. Swim, shower, and surf away.
  • Big Battery Life
    Up to 7 days on one charge. Go cable-free during extended adventures.
  • Crisp ePaper LCD
    Brilliant and sharp in any light. Always on. Bye-bye, blank screens.
  • Bands to Make ‘Em Dance
    The 22mm soft-touch band features a quick-release system for easy swapping.