Weird Ways You Can Use Dryer Sheets


Do you use dryer sheets in your laundry routine? You may be surprised to learn this, but there are a lot of different ways you can use dryer sheets in addition to the drying cycle. 

I personally don’t like using them all the time, but sometimes I just need to get rid of that static cling, you know? If you are interested in hearing all about the weird ways you can use dryer sheets, check out this list I created to teach you!

Weird Ways You Can Use Dryer Sheets

Attack Those Dust Bunnies

Dryer sheets are great at picking up dust! I have used them for this purpose before, especially when dusting things like my ceiling fan, etc, where I want to do more than just move the dust around. 

Pet Hair

Do you have any pets at home? Do they shed continuously? I have a 7 month old husky/lab mix and I swear I deal with so much pet hair now! Of course I sweep and vacuum often, but it doesn’t get it all. Dryer sheets are great for picking it up! 

Windshield Cleaner

Got dead bugs and other yucky stuff on your windshield? Use a dryer sheet to clean it! It works great. 

Take Care of Those Smelly Shoes

I have two teenage athletes in my house and let me tell you, the shoes get smelly! I struggled for years to figure out how to fix the smell, only to discover that simply sliding a dryer sheet into the shoes at night does the trick!

Freshen Up Your Pillows

Okay, so because I’m pretty particular about the air I breathe, I probably wouldn’t do this one, but many people like to slide a dryer sheet inside of their pillow case for lovely smelling pillows. Have you ever freshened up your pillows this way?

I have a few more interesting ways to use dryer sheets that I will tell you all about tomorrow. Until then, have you ever used dryer sheet for something other than the dryer cycle?