Would You Do This If You Didn’t Have to?

Apparently despite the current economic situation there is still a negative connotation to the word frugal.  It’s got me thinking, would you do this if you didn’t have to?  Do you think I do this because we have to?  Because we don’t.

The reason I started being a smart shopper was, and still is, that I don’t want our family to live from paycheck to paycheck.  And let me tell you, since becoming a one income family we are doing much better financially than we did when we both worked outside the home.  Being a smart shopper has allowed our family not to be impacted by the current situation.  In the last year despite the deteriorating environment we have been able to save more in cash and our college and retirement funds.

Spending wisely has allowed my family to buy in the last year a laptop, a desktop computer, a printer, new tires for our cars and take a vacation outside the US , all of this paid for in cash.  Being frugal, as some may call it, has given us the freedom to do things we otherwise couldn’t do.  It’s allowing us to live a better life in the present and hopefully our future as well.

But why I am telling you this?  Because maybe you came to this blog looking for ways to make ends meet right now.  But it is my hope that you will walk away having learned how to stop spending money on the things that don’t matter and create room in your budget for the things that do.

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