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I was so happy last night when I found out about this coupon: $1.50/1 Yoplait  Yo Plus 4pack.  This is my 3 year-old’s favorite yogurt and just Sunday I bought a pack.  I didn’t even have a coupon for it *hangs head* the shame! haha.  Anyway, I have found these at Walmart for $2.12 a pack or $2.06 at Target.  On sale I have seen them for $2 at my grocery store.  It’s a pretty good coupon, and a pretty good yogurt too if I may add.  I want to thank Andrea from MommySnacks for passing this coupon along.

Here are a couple of more coupons shared by a reader:

$1.10 off one Progresso soup – new link

$1 off one Pillsbury cookie dough

$2 off two Purell Hand Sanitizer

Thanks Marcia!

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