$2 off Johnson & Johnson Counterfeit Coupon Alert

I just wanted to make you aware that the $2/2 Listerine, Stayfree, Zyrtec, Aveeno coupon has been flagged as a counterfeit coupon by the Coupon Information Center.

This coupon was originally available as a “bricks” coupon and it is in fact still available to print.  However it seems the coupon has been manipulated and this has caused it to be flagged as a counterfeit coupon.

If you printed this coupon and not used it yet, I suggest you not use the coupon and discard it to prevent any problems.  For a list of coupons currently listed as fraudulent coupons, visit the CIC.

Thanks, Tanesha!

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  • Sarah

    I printed it earlier but I thought it was kind of an odd coupon. I will throw it away! thanks for the heads up!

  • Tiffany

    Oh man…so what should you do if you’re already used it? I didn’t know that and the store accepted though. What should I do now? Anyone?

  • Kay

    Thanks for providing the link. I had no idea there were THAT MANY fake coupons out there! I am surprised that stores are still taking internet coupons after I looked at that list!

  • Kim Olsen

    Thanks for providing the website to verify coupons. I did find one that I received from Facebook and Coke, which was called the Ahh Giver application and I thought the coupon looked odd since it didn’t have a scan code. I did, however, contact Coke’s customer service and on Facebook and they both said it was a valid coupon. Strange that they say it was good but this site says it isn’t.

  • Liz

    Oh no, I used 4 of them a few weeks ago. 🙁 I dont even know how I could straighten it out at the store, since I used it on clearance items and they specifically told me “no returns” when I bought them.

  • pennyscents

    Do you know why the code on the coupon would still come up as “valid” when checked on
    veri-fi ???

    I looked up the “0109 1045 2271 2801” that is shown on the coupon that the CIC has flagged as counterfeit, and it comes up as valid???

  • Heartland Hannah

    I’m confused too. I used my two at Target awhile back and they went through without a beep. Are the coupons printed from the bricks site valid and then counterfeit ones were made using those? Or were the bricks coupons fake? If so, how are we going to know if other bricks coupons are fake?

  • Kristina L.

    I don’t think that just because a coupon is on that list means that it was ALWAYS a counterfeit coupon. Something happened to make it that way. You don’t get counterfeit coupons from brink or from a company website. Someone does something to it to alter it and then the company will call it a counterfeit.

  • Guys,
    If you already used it and obtained the coupon legitimately, don’t worry about it.

    I think what happened here is that people made copies and altered the coupon, so it will no longer be accepted by stores. If the store gets noticed that the coupon is fraudulent and they continue to accept it they won’t get reimbursed for this coupon. That’s why I suggested you no longer use this coupon, even if you obtained it legitimately.


    • pennyscents

      Do you know why Brick’s would not pull the coupon then? Do you know why the code that is on the fraudulent coupon comes up as “valid” on Brick’s (coupons.com) veri-fi site? I am not saying that I am going to use the coupon. I am just curious???

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  • wendy

    I tried to use this coupon yesterday (I printed two yesterday morning) at cvs, got declined. Cashier and store manager told me it is invalid copy then item not found in file etc. Anyway, I cannot use them.

  • Jennifer

    I went to this site to verify the coupons that I have for the this coupon and it said mine are valid. http://www.couponsinc.com/crc/index.asp. It asked me to enter the code to verify and mine are ok. The site you posted, my numbers are different from the numbers posted on the CIC. Not all the coupons are bad????

  • monica

    My coupons that I printed have a 6 rather than the 5 listed on the counterfeit site. I’m not sure if mine is good but I won’t be trying. Thanks!

  • Patricia

    I remembered printing that one and used it at Walgreens sometime ago to buy 2 character band-aids for my daughter. I remember it beeped but the cashier pushed it through for me. I feel bad now 🙁

  • Sadie

    I also printed mine out from Bricks and it was validated with Veri-Fi. The CVS register declined it and two managers stayed with me while I called the CIC to explain the situation. The person from CIC explained to one of the managers that there are indeed, real and fake ones floating around.

    The manager said he would give me the “benefit of doubt” and pushed it through. I offered to write my driver’s license information on it but he said it doesn’t help anything. What an embarrassing, waste of time for an honest couponer!

  • Marilyn Mays

    CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS IF YOU USED ONE! When I tried using it at CVS it beeped at the register and the cashier commented that it ‘didn’t ring right’ so he pushed it through. When I looked at my receipt what he meant was that the coupon actually CHARGED $2 as a taxable grocery item. Yes, he pushed the coupon through, but I had this extra $2 charge. I went back and they had no idea how to fix it – they made right on it – gave me $2 cash and said they would figure it out later but no wonder they hate me now! I used a fake coupon and essentially got $4 for it! I feel horrible! They have been treating me like I was trying to scam them on my last few visits to the point where I actually made a complaint to the corporation. No wonder! It was an honest mistake and I NEVER meant to scam anyone but they don’t know that!!!

  • Erin Rose

    I am kinda confused. I saw this warning the other day but since I didn’t have this coupon, I didn’t really care. Then, a friend was talking about to so I was looking it up on the cic to show her not to use it and I can’t find it on the current list of coupons there. Was it there and then disappeared? I am so confused. Just want to help a friend out and now I can’t show her.

  • Connie

    eBay Scam Artist Goes National

    Rodgers will spend a total of 16 months in a California State Prison and will liquidate his personal assets, including his home and cars if needed, to pay restitution for his one-man crime wave that used counterfeit coupons to defraud major chain stores and manufacturers nationwide.

    Rodgers first gained the attention of the CIC some time ago when he sold counterfeit coupons on eBay under the name Shamrock and other aliases. Most of his accounts were eventually terminated by eBay at CIC’s request. After being essentially shut down, Rodgers then changed his method of operations and evaded justice until he was detected by Target,