$5 Kraft Cheese Coupon Reset + More Printable Coupons

Good news! The $5/5 Kraft cheese coupon has reset. This means that if you printed the coupon before you should be able to print his again.  The 8oz shreds and blocks are on rollback at Walmart for $2.  Grab them for just $1 after coupon.  Thanks Clippin’ with Carie!

Here are other HOT printable coupons available right now:

$0.75/1 Better Oats (IE) (FF) (this should make them very cheap or even free if your store doubled coupons.  Thanks Thrifty Couple!

Buy one get one free whole grain white Uncle Ben’s Rice (use code BOGOWGW)  Thanks Money Saving Maine-iac!

$1/1 Kiwi product (excludes shoe laces)  This is a Facebook offer.  Thanks Rose Knows coupons!

Happy Savings!

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  • Angie

    I’m excited about the kraft coupon. I only printed the first copy off yesterday.

  • Cheryl

    Just got home from Walmart. They refused to honor the coupon, would only give me $2 credit towards it. Customer service said–there’s nothing we can do.

    Walmart customer service= NO SERVICE!

    • Valerie

      The best part the will get the full 5.00 for that coupon! I had the similar sitution but the took if off after waiting 10 minutes for someone to take care of it.

    • DB

      Call the KRAFT 1-800 number and the Wal-Mart 800 # The Kraft Coupon is a Manufacturer COupon and they are obligated as long as it is valid dated to take it.

  • Pam

    My Giant store wouldn’t take it either 🙁 they said they wont take internet printed coupons that are over $1……im gonna try Food Lion & Safeway, i hope someone will take it!!

  • I have a post on a great way to use this coupon to get cheese for as little as $0.14 at Meijer.


    Thanks for considering!

  • Chris

    Wouldn’t let me reprint the coupon. Oh well. I got one yesterday. 🙂 Just hope our stores will let me use it.

  • Isn’t this awesome?!! I am so happy they reloaded the coupons!!! Guess we will have enough cheese for the year:)

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  • Valerie

    Just got back from Walmart and had to get the customer service rep after waiting 10 minutes with the cashier light blinking to take off the full 5 dollars. Initally the cashier was only going to give me 1.98 for the coupon. Thank goodness I realized what was happening. They finally took the full 5.00 off. This trip I think I finally swore off Walmart=no double coupons, no really good sales and horrible customer service.

  • Prudence

    I didn’t have any trouble using this at my Walmart. The register wanted to take an odd amount off when she scanned it ($3.66) but she manually entered $5 off.

  • Kathy

    I just used my coupon at Walmart and the cashier originally said it would only take off $2.00 which was the cost of one package of cheese. I politely told her that wasn’t correct because the coupon clearly states $5.00 off when you buy 5 products which I did do. She said something like “I can’t take off more than you paid for it” and I told her that I paid $10 for all the cheese and the coupon was for $5.00. She was ready to just put my coupon in her drawer with an “oh well” type of attitude like there wasn’t anything more she could do. This irritated me that my coupon would be taken and they would get the full $5.00 back when they turned it in. I insisted that I get $5.00 taken off like the coupon stated. She looked at the coupon again and in less than a second, simply deducted an additional $3.00 off by listing it as another vendor coupon and mumbled something afterward. So, I ultimately got my $5.00 off. I think you have to be insistent with these type of coupons when it clearly states what the offer is. I was ready to just not buy the cheese had she not given me the full $5.00 off. I see that it is very easy for them to manually correct this as this cashier did. So don’t let them tell you that they cannot adjust the coupon amounts. It appears that Walmart is doing the same thing as Target with the kind of coupons that are off more than one item. They only take off the amount of one item no matter what the coupon states. Has anyone tried this $5.00 at Target yet?

    • Valerie

      My cashier was not going to say anything, she was just going to put the coupon in the drawer, thank goodness I noticed. She also gave me the attitude there was nothing she could do, however customer service manager finally came over and took care of it. Best part on one of the cheeses I was purchasing there was a peelie advertising the coupon being available that I showed the girl.

  • Judy

    I posted a comment at the Kraft foods website about this fiasco of a coupon. I praised the Kraft company for the great value and explained the great difficulty when using this coupon. Maybe if they know we have experienced such problems they will communicate better with the grocery chains and this will not continue to happen. You might want to take a minute too, and let them know this was not just an isolated incident. We shouldn’t just complain without trying to communicate the problem.

    • Kathy

      Judy, I agree with suggestion about communication between everyone in trying to resolve this issue. However, it is not just this Kraft coupon that is the problem at Walmart, Target and whatever other stores that people are having difficulty with. It appears that everytime you try to use a coupon that is for a certain amount of money off more than 1 item, their system will only take off whatever the one item is priced at even though it is less than the amount of the coupon value. So, I really don’t think it is the fault of the company with the coupon, but rather the store’s inability to handle the coupon amounts properly. I believe the complaints should be directed to the stores and their corporate offices.

      • Judy

        Point well taken Kathy. I have seen more problems with coupons that have larger values and they may require the purchase of multiple items. Though I did use a $2 off of 5 boxes of Mueller’s macaroni this week (from their site) and had no problems. I think it is fair to say that it is actually a communication problem between both the food companies and the grocery chains. (We become the victims.) Coupons and “couponing” have changed from the small 10 and 15cent coupons of the past. The companies that issue coupons and the stores that take them need to realize this and get up with the times.

  • PAT


  • Sarah

    Walmart is the WORST!!!! Their systems beep for nearly every coupon I use that is over $1. Then I have to wait forever for their cashiers to read every single line of the coupon, before they call someone to override the darn thing. Give me a break. To make matters even worse, our local store has now started to stop everyone at the door to ask for their receipt. Of course I politely decline. If you are going to accuse me of shoplifting do it formally, don’t waste my time checking my receipt at the door.

  • Staci

    I tried to use this coupon at Wal-Mart today, they said they called Kraft and were told it was an illegitimate coupon and would not take it at all. It was pretty humiliating.

    • Staci,
      I am so sorry. I don’t know what to tell you. The coupon is coming from a Kraft website. I don’t know what else would make it more legitimate.


    • Valerie

      Staci they should have just looked at the Kraft Single cheese it has a peelie on it advertising the 5.00 coupon on their website I am so sorry that happened! I had to quite insistent at my walmart.

  • Mary

    The Walmart near me will not accept any coupons printed off computer.