My $5/$25 Walgreens Transaction


I just wanted to share with you the transaction that I did at my local Walgreens to take advantage of the $5/$25 coupon available through yesterday.  I didn’t get to shop until yesterday and I was pretty sure that everything would be out of stock.  Lucky for me, everything I needed was there to do the Kelloggs deal and even the Skippy/Ragu deal (which I ultimately decided not to get).  I also had a raincheck for Capri Sun and Chips Ahoy cookies to get five of each for $2 each.  Thanks to reader Lisa I also found out that my store had the Back to School Coupon booklets available.  So this is what I got:

$10 five Capri Sun
$10 five Chips Ahoy
$15 six boxes of Nutrigrain bars
$4 two boxes of Poptarts
$5 two boxes of Kelloggs cereal
$6 Potion 9 Leave in Conditioner (on clearance down from $14.99)
=$50 before coupons
-$10 five $2/2 Capri Sun/Chips Ahoy Tearpad coupon
-$3 three $1/2 Nutrigrain coupons
-$1 one $1/2 Poptart coupon
-$1 one $1/2 Kelloggs cereal coupon
-$5 deducted when I used Chips Ahoy coupon from BTS Walgrens booklet
-$2.50 deducted when I used Capri Sun coupon from BTS Walgrens booklet
=$27.50 after coupons
-$5 when I used the $5/$25 Walgreens coupon
=$22.50 out of pocket

And I got $7 in Register Rewards back and now I only need to get 5 Easy Mac Cups to be able to send for the $20 Kraft rebate in the Back to School booklet. Do you see my mistake though? I have two rebates in the same receipt: The Kelloggs and Kraft rebate. In theory, I should also be able to get another $10 from Kelloggs but I was not thinking straight and mixed my purchases so that I could have more than $25 in my order. So, I have decided to go for the largest rebate, the $20 from Kraft since I only need to buy the Easy Mac Cups to get $20 not just $10 back.

So, you are probably looking at my order and thinking “Oh boy, that’s a lot of junk food” and I agree with you, it is (for one family to eat it all at once). I am only keeping the Nutrigrain bars, the cereal and the Capri sun. I always like to carry the bars in my purse for when hunger strikes with my kids. The Capri Sun I need for my son’s school lunches. I found out that I need to sign up to bring lunch for 20 kids six times during the school year. The poptarts and Chips Ahoy I am bringing to the local food bank.

I also want to thank everyone who has emailed me about the BTS and Children’s activity coupon booklets. Thanks to a friend I have been able to get my hands on one of the Children activity books and my store finally had the BTS booklets. By the way, and I don’t like to share rumors with you, but I am hearing that the BTS coupon booklet is Walgreens compromise to bringing the Easysaver catalog back. It seems stores have not been doing well and they want to bring store coupons back so they are giving this a try. We will have to wait and see if there’s a similar booklet available in September.

How did you do?

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  • Amy

    I got four boxes of cereal, two boxes of rice krispie treats, two boxes of poptarts and two boxes of nutrigrain cereal bars. I had to buy a couple extra items to hit $25 so I got a $2 box of crystal light to go and a box of jujy fruits $1.00. I used my $5 off $25 and $7 in register rewards from a prior failed attempt at the Kelloggs rebate offer. I used $1/2 coupons from the Kelloggs rebate from last weeks paper and paid between $8-$9 and will get $10 back from rebate.

  • MaryAnn

    Good work! I also did well at Walgreens this week, thanks to your posts.

    You mentioned donating some of these “junk food” items to the food bank, and that struck a cord with me. I have been struggling with the ethics of donating junk food that I would not feed my kids to the food bank for others to feed to their kids, and I don’t know what I think about it. On one hand, I know that PopTarts are better than nothing, but on the other hand, I feel guilty for not donating healthier food. What do you think?

  • Megan J

    Hi Mercedes – great job! I have another ethical question for you: Since you’ve blogged about environmental issues, I’m wondering if there are some items you refuse to buy – no matter how cheap/free they might be – because of their environmental impact. For example, bottled water. I’d love to see a post on that sometime 🙂

  • Nichole

    MaryAnn, I know you didn’t ask my opinion but I would like to share it. I understand that you would not feed “junk food” to your children and this is not considered healthy but it is better than not having anyting. Some of these children go to bed hungry and an “unhealty” food would give them something to eat. Not only that, some parents let their children have sweets every so often as a treat and it could be looked at like that.
    Also, what is the Kraft rebate?
    I did really well with the coupon but it’s too much to write but my total was $59_ and then after all my coupons it went down to $40 or so and then I used a $25 check walgreens gave me for transferring a prescription back so my oop was $17+ and I got back $22+ in rr’s.

  • Hi MaryAnn,

    I see your point entirely. But there are several things to consider.

    1) I doubt people are eating these as meals. not knowing how a food bank works I get the impression that people who go to it are able to get everything they eat from there. I think they use it to supplement their food stamps. And I am hoping they are using that to buy fruit and vegetables.

    2) I also doubt the food bank will let one family walk away with all four boxes of cookies.

    3) Be ready for this shocker: I like to indulge in an occasional treat. Yes, you read me right, my husband loves oreos and I love GS thin mints. However, we do not have them every day nor do we eat them all at once. In fact a package will last us a few long weeks. Even the nutrigrain bars I bought, I made sure they were long dated because I don’t feed these to my kids everyday. The five boxes I bought should last us at least six months.

    4)It’s about balance. While we may have a package of oreos in the house, you will not find any hamburger helper, lipton side dishes, not even frozen waffles OR pancake mix in our home. Even frozen meals are not liked in our house. And I don’t judge anyone who uses those either because I think that just a much as my family balances meals, others do as well.

    So, no I don’t feel bad about taking some chips ahoy cookies to the food bank because I think others are entitled to treat themselves every now and then and I also doubt many people are bringing chips ahoy on regular basis. I also doubt the food bank will let one family walk away with all of the packages available and I doubt that family will sit down and eat them all in one sitting.


  • Letty Hill

    I love your blog and think you are doing awesome! But, what is the Kraft rebate? I have been out of town for the last two weeks and apparently I missed this one! Thanks!

    • Hi guys,

      I just added the link to the details of the Kraft rebate and where you can find it. I also found the booklet at one of my local grocery stores.


  • Modern Day Mom

    Mercedes – if you need an extra receipt for your rebate, Walgreens can print out a copy of a receipt if you need a duplicate. It won’t look like a “normal” receipt; instead, it’s the equivalent of a transaction report, but it should work to submit your rebate. I accidentally bought Pediasure and Ensure both in the same transaction at Walgreens last month, so they printed me out the extra report and my rebate was honored!

    • how did you get them to do that for you? I couldn’t get the AM to be bothered to re ring my transaction again.


  • Betty

    Hi Mercedes,
    I’m a little confused about the Kraft Rebate, the form I had (yes, Had) said it was only good at certain locations, none of which are in the San Antonio area. Does the rebate form for this print out at Walgreens also? Because I would be happy to run my happy self right down there and buy the qualifing items if that is the case. Thanks a bunch!! Betty

  • MaryAnn

    Thanks for your thoughtful response to my question. You are absolutely right that it is a question of balance and that anything I can do to help out is a good thing. I am really pretty unfamiliar with what happens to my donations after I drop them off, and you’re right, no one is going to walk off with a dozen boxes of cookies. I need to spend an afternoon working there to really appreciate how lucky I am to even have this question to ponder. Thanks for helping me settle this in my head!

    Peace –

  • Betty

    Thanks! I am thinking an entirely different rebate!

  • maria

    Great reminder, Mercedes!

    I do some volunteer work for our local church food bank and call tell you first hand, the foods they hand out, are rarely “junk” food. Some convience food like lipton side dished etc, but rarely cookies or pop tarts.

    When they are fortunate enough to get some in, it is usually little Debbies and they are expired. If our church got some in, they always make sure to give it to the families with several kids, since those would be considered treats for them .

    This month we gave a doz eggs, 1 whole chicken, a case of canned veggies, 1bag of rice, 1 lg pasta,1 bag flour, 1 can of orange juice, 1 shelf milk, and a few cans of canned fruit (and its only once a month).

    Supplies are so limited all over, so any donations to your local food bank are appreciated.

  • grace

    I have a question about kraft deal. How can you qualify for the kraft rebate? Do I have to buy certain number of items in one receipt? I just registerd for the coupon and, I don’t have instruction. Thank you. I enjoy your blog.

  • Nichole

    Mercedes, when I needed the duplicate receipt the above poster was talking about, I called the manager and gave him my transaction number and he had it printed up and waiting on my when I went back up there.

  • karen

    Walgreens also has a monthly Register Reward going on Crest Toothpaste. They were on an endcap with samples of Crest Pro Health attached and marked at 2/$5 with a $2 RR. I used 2 $1Q to get them basically at $0.50 each. To my surprise, inside the trail sample packages of Crest ProHealth were coupons for more Crest products totalling over $10! Well worth the $0.50!

  • Modern Day Mom

    Mercedes – I asked the manager if I could refund and rering certain items to get another receipt for the rebate. She said she couldn’t do that because it would look bad for her store, but she offered to print the report instead. I’d try asking the manager instead of the AM – in my experience, the AM is less likely to help you because they’re worried about what the manager will think. The managers are usually more helpful in these kinds of situations.